Friday, October 06, 2006

experiences in life ( more scratchings)

Dennis the menace, beaten up by Gina.
poor guys:)


2 single guys accidently at the potted immitation flower section of a superstore

guy1: hey I like this flower. How about I buy it

guy2: It is too colorful for ur room. Why not go for smthing matching, like a cactus

guy1 : I had one, when I bought it, it was round and hard like me, now it is like u ( thin and skinny)
I will buy this and put it next to my TV

guy2 : it is not you ( the flowers). It is too bright. ( meaning you are boring and dull :-)
hey u can present the cacti to a girl. tell her i am like this, hard outside, but soft inside.

guy1: she would run it over with a lawn mover.

and so we discussed and discussed about buying the flowers.
and like any set of single guys, finally decided to buy nothing :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

weird thing abt me

so miss ann-sunshine tagged me abt weird things.
At the deadly threat of not getting any free dinners from her, I finaled decided to put a few truths. what all one has to do for a dinner :-( .

Okie beforehand, all this is not because I am freaky or I have any eternal hatred. Infact u will not find a more simple, levelheaded guy.
It’s just the way I am.

1. I don't like Indian food much, even though I lived almost all my time in India. I guess I am bored and tired of it.

2. I like to eat out instead of home. Infect I dunno how people can eat at home every other day.

3. No Indian movies, not many Indian songs. I like English songs. Heavy metal or techno is good, but no rap. And of course country songs. I used to like ghazals a lot, but rarely hear them now.

4. I actively shed friends. If someone tries to pass his free unnecessary advice to me or if he/she doesn't respond to my mails/messages, I try to close the friendship. Its not because I am angry or anything, its just that people have their own ways of life. Trying to keep such a friendship can only cause friction. And I still had a few great friends, whose good qualities I have tried to absorb.

5. Always have avoided judging people. Experiences form our perspective. But it doesn’t give me a right to judge someone else, cause his experience and views r different. So there is nothing right or wrong. Just different ways.
To try to teach/advice smone is to assume that your way is right. So don't believe in teaching.

Crazy haa...
Okie written too much serious stuff for a day.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

advice on getting married

poor bachelors like me are always trying to find, what getting married means.
so I poped this question, after the usual weekend volleyball match.

me: so guys, how do u find married life, different from single life

...xx...... ( murmurs... )
finally one guy

guy: u know, earlier I used to wash one bag of clothes every fortnight.
Now I have to carry 2 bags every week.

a lot of nods everywhere.

and that my fellow bloggers is the great difference.

Monday, October 02, 2006

kicks left n rite, i finally feel alive

I had to handle the engineering escalations for my product. This comes ones every 5 months. It is usually a no-event program, with u having to tag a blackberry along all the time. So I asked the seasoned, tanned guys their experience

guy1: I had a great time playing games in blackberry
guy2: Hey it will be good exercise for u.( for ur physique, black berry is like dumbells).

Uneventful, sitting at home ,hmm that would be so boring.
Maybe that will give me time to reflect back and do changes in my life.

and how did it go till now
1. It escaped hitting a cute doggie on road. And barely escaped getting my car banged from behind, to save the doggie ( this monkey may hav been declared a martyr :))

2. Thanks to my lucky hands, I am sitting awake 2 nights, trying to fix issues, when I have no clue of the features/functionality itself.

3. Changing my life. I am just starting and already I feel like it is better to crusify myself.

So life is finally kicking up around me and I feel alive. What is it without a few challenges.
And there are those good friends around. I woke 2 right in the middle of nite and pestered them.
So easy to find a smile, and I am smiling ear to ear.
and laughing :))

phone rings.
support guy: hey we have another customer's box crashing. he wants it up by early morning. can u take a look and fix it.

( I have no clue what the box does even)

me: hehehehe

support guy : what was that. I didn't here u

me: ohh, its just the monkey next door :))