Sunday, February 27, 2005

Open thinking
So I have decided to put more thought on blog , instead of personal diary.
here goes.

From the time you are born, to till today, the education process,
tries to imbibe some rules/theories into you. Rules that are the foundation of society.
Rules like what is right , what is wrong. Do right things.
Do good things for other and finally ofcourse there is God.

So what is wrong with imbibing these rules, nothing except , you can't think beyond them, think to the level, where you are ready to question these basic rules. Think with a truly open mind.

Example , can you visualize yourself as "the god". I don't mean this in any bloated sense of egoism, but just to break out of a mold. Just to visualize that you are god.

Or better to visualize something like this. There is no god, never was. Its just a creation of our mind. There is no heaven or hell and one wouldn't be ever punished for any actions.
There is no right and wrong action. The objective is not to question this above, but to see what we would have thought and acted if we had removed the base - no god, no right/wrong, no consequences. Once we have this set, now start looking at all the actions, events , decisions. Again lets take the example of religion.

If there was no god, by that I mean no subconscious being, nothing, if it is all pure imagination, then look at the human history and what religion has done. Look at what the present religious leader is saying. If you were 100% sure that there is no god, how would you analyze his guidance. Would the actions that you take be any different. Would you lead a different life.

Is this all something about disbelieving god. No, its about opening thinking. Thinking without any basic assumption. And the most basic assumption, we have been taught is about god and about right and wrong. If we can break from this assumption and think openly, then we can break any assumption and truly think with an open mind.

So why open thinking. Because as a human being you have a mind, and you have the capacity to think anything you like. So give the freedom to your mind, think anything, then look at the ground reality and present constraints. Can I act like this in the present society, because my independent thought says so. If you have this independent mind, then you are your own leader, your own guide. And you also get the ability to switch yourself off, sit in another person's shoes and think why he took such a decision (in open thinking here, you are taking away the constraint, you are thining about your good, or maybe even his good, just thinking in his shoes). It opens up a whole new world to you , you understand people better. You move out of the worldly game of characterizing people as good or bad.

another example, canibalism , is it right, from what you and i have imbibed, it is wrong, but there have been societies which have thought of them as right. So now if you remove the assumption of whether cannibalism is right or wrong, and you place yourself in the neutral point, ( I don't think cannibalism is right or wrong) , only the present soceity will break up if people in this society started each other.
Society will start accepting some changes, but not all. hundred years back , it didn;t accept gays. It can accept gays now but not cannibals.
So back to open thinking, it empowers you to think at a whole new level, to question everything, to keep the clean field, then make choices, choices that are not based on any assumption, that you have been unconsciously imbibed, but that you consciously take as just an input for you decision, an input , but just that, not something that scues your whole thinking process.
So then why society doesn't want us to do open thinking, well it will break the basis of society if each person started thinking for himself. But why do you think this will happen. 'cause still you are not thinking openly with an open mind. you have been imbibed with a rule that this will happen. so break out of the mould.
How lonely can a person be.
You stand in a crowd, you are talking , shouting , enjoying , but still you are lonely.

I have my great bunch of friends, who have alway been there , with whom I spend one of my best times. But still.

Somewhere , you feel this is not you are meant to do, the dreams that defined you,
that which drives you. When you find that you are moving away from it, when you find that there are somethings about yourself, that you are not able to express, somewhere you feel that you are lonely.

Is it a good thing, I mean is this loneliness good. There are few pluses. It defines your individuality. Your uniqueness in the whole world. Your thoughts, your dreams, your emotions, somethings about you, that in total differentiate yourself from all the rest of people in the world. And I do have a friends circle, that accepts that. Accepts me for what Iam. A contradiction :)
But then I guess everyone is.

Also I tend to think best, when I am alone.

And in all that loneliness, you sit around for a few minutes or maybe few hours,
but finally you come out of it stronger, happier , more determined, more focussed, more aware of who you are and ever more ready to find your purpose in life.