Saturday, January 13, 2007

tough lessons

here's an instance of a typical class

I am working on Saturday afternoon in office.
My friend walks in.
She dumps her big sack of stuff, cellphones, car keys etc etc.
Then she walks into my cubicle and says

she: 'hi da'.

me : hi abc

she : when I came in, the security guard was staring at me da. cheapo guy..

she: so how do I look ?

she is wearing a black wraparound. she does a complete turn to show me the dress,
then runs her fingers through her hair. ( she has short, not so thick hair, but doesn't ever let a chance go by to show it off :-) )

I give my characteristic smile, then with a guarded
'it is good'

she walks away to her cubicle without saying much.
I get engrossed in my work.
after sometime my messenger buzzes

she: u cheepoo.. what will happen if you give a good comment.

I quit working and walk to her cubicle.
I say hi .
she sly'le gets up and opens a heavy book.
now that is a new one, I had never seen her studying those big books.
and then

the book lands on my head

she: that should teach you to compliment a girl.

me: *ouch*

me :hey I was too mesmerised by your beauty to say anything last time.
you look so stunning da. This dress looks so great on you.
your lucky boyfriend

she is having the satisfied smile of a girl praised

me: only if you didn't have those extra flabs

and then I run ... :-)

Some friends leave there mark on others, she definitely taught me to compliment others,
and to keep a safe distance from heavy books :-)

Monday, January 08, 2007

new year resolutions

Everyone is into drafting new year resolutions, so I have decided to put together my list.

1. Beat the QA/Product Testing guys just before the release.
It is the only way to get my work out

2. Never look at cute girls if they are driving vans.
If you look at the van closely, you will find her kid sitting in the back seat

3. Learn karate or some other marshal art.
It is the only way to get a little bit of space on club dance floor.

4. Encourage my manager to go skying on the roughest steepest ski range.
If he falls and gets hospitalized, I will have a good one month free

5. Try my hands at cooking. Yes I have found a 'bali ka bakra' (scapegoat/laboratory mouse) for my experiments :)
his motivation for joining the experiment : he wants to reduce his weight :)

6. Meet lots of people and make new friends, both real and virtual/chat friends.
Half my present friends have run away unable to bear me or had to be carried away after a breakdown

7. Learn sketching, painting, dancing(salsa), skiing
if only I can find a teacher with the patience

8. Travel , travel, travel... atleast 3-4 countries this year

I resolve to be happy, to do new things and to meet new people.