Thursday, November 16, 2006

you are beautiful

Hit the James Blunt concert last weekend ( I usually like new age or more heavy metal, but this was a good change).

As we walked in, my 2 friends pointed to a row of 3 vacant seats.
The seats didn't give a good view of stage, so I protested. But ended up being dragged there and made to sit in the middle seat
Soon realised that my friends had got busy with there next-seat neighbours. No wonder they had dragged me there, the extra smart romanians. *Grrr*.
Blunt came in after some time and started belting his numbers.
Soon I ran to the center floor to shout and hoot ( ofcourse alone, my friends had got busy :-) .
Gosh, the floor was so crowded.
I saw this dark colored girl next to me. Said hi and next minute had a vacant space next to me.
Yes, she ran away seeing me :(
I have this rather charimatic effect on girls ..
A few more hies and smiles and I had a comfortable space to move around and shout :-)

Here's a video of a James Blunt soft song