Friday, October 06, 2006


2 single guys accidently at the potted immitation flower section of a superstore

guy1: hey I like this flower. How about I buy it

guy2: It is too colorful for ur room. Why not go for smthing matching, like a cactus

guy1 : I had one, when I bought it, it was round and hard like me, now it is like u ( thin and skinny)
I will buy this and put it next to my TV

guy2 : it is not you ( the flowers). It is too bright. ( meaning you are boring and dull :-)
hey u can present the cacti to a girl. tell her i am like this, hard outside, but soft inside.

guy1: she would run it over with a lawn mover.

and so we discussed and discussed about buying the flowers.
and like any set of single guys, finally decided to buy nothing :)


  1. "any set of single guys, finally decided to buy nothing" .. I thought only gals do such fuss abt shopping ;-). But again flowers are not your (single guy's) area.

  2. pavithra : hey when guys r single, only then he hav a say on what flowers he likes. do u think a gal will allow her hubby to keep a big cacti at the center of room ( to get that desert feeling :))

  3. who is that guy1 ?

  4. anoop : shhh... secrets secrets :)