Wednesday, October 04, 2006

weird thing abt me

so miss ann-sunshine tagged me abt weird things.
At the deadly threat of not getting any free dinners from her, I finaled decided to put a few truths. what all one has to do for a dinner :-( .

Okie beforehand, all this is not because I am freaky or I have any eternal hatred. Infact u will not find a more simple, levelheaded guy.
It’s just the way I am.

1. I don't like Indian food much, even though I lived almost all my time in India. I guess I am bored and tired of it.

2. I like to eat out instead of home. Infect I dunno how people can eat at home every other day.

3. No Indian movies, not many Indian songs. I like English songs. Heavy metal or techno is good, but no rap. And of course country songs. I used to like ghazals a lot, but rarely hear them now.

4. I actively shed friends. If someone tries to pass his free unnecessary advice to me or if he/she doesn't respond to my mails/messages, I try to close the friendship. Its not because I am angry or anything, its just that people have their own ways of life. Trying to keep such a friendship can only cause friction. And I still had a few great friends, whose good qualities I have tried to absorb.

5. Always have avoided judging people. Experiences form our perspective. But it doesn’t give me a right to judge someone else, cause his experience and views r different. So there is nothing right or wrong. Just different ways.
To try to teach/advice smone is to assume that your way is right. So don't believe in teaching.

Crazy haa...
Okie written too much serious stuff for a day.


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Very weird indeed!!!

  2. good thing, i didn't write more weird ones :)

  3. wow!! thanks Jaseeem fr accepting ta tag !!!

    hehe .. te latter of 2nd point I can understand ;0) very well ...

    point 4 I think is a bit 'cruel'- give a chance to others to get bak to u ..haha tat sounds like I m one among those said in point 5 , rite ??!!

    Liked ur point 5 a lottt !!!

    wer s point 6 ?? ohk 4given !!!

    Ohk !! so I missed cing this .. sorry to ask u again !! tk care ..

  4. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Hey a couple of weirdities are common with mine. :) thats why I am constantly called weirdo and difficult to be understood. So glad am not alone in this whole world of normal people. :) first time visitor to your blog. Loved your sketches. And also your "dreams" of course...

  5. sunshine gal
    I thought I was alone, with those weird habits. and getting called weirdo, ohh if i start listing the number of nicknames I have, that will run into pages. I did try to get nice nicknames as mr. handsome, but somehow no one agrees to call me that :(

    somehow your blog link never showed up in your comment, so am not able to look at it.
    do u hav a blog ?

  6. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I dont have a blog. But the blog world is sooooo fascinating...maybe I will also join the bandwagon very soon.

  7. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I know what u mean. Every new person I meet tend to find a new name for me too :) and nothing that I try to emphasize seem to make an impact! What a weird world!!! :)