Friday, June 30, 2006

crazy ways

So everyone asks me , when are you getting married.
Well as soon as I can find someone who can tolerate my crazy ways.

so what is crazy about me.
Don't like to eat home food. I would prefer burger to rice anytime.
The usual comment I get is , hey you are an indian , you have been eating rice for 25 years.
Well, I have been, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
And now there is the juicy steak :-)

If you enter my house, you would remember the childhood life.
You have to hop around all the stricken clothes and papers.
I get so much junk in mail everyday.
So last week I planned to organize myself and bought a file cabinet and paper shredder.
Well now, you have to jump longer when moving around my place. The new stuff has taken up some more space. The fact is I like the place a bit messed up, not this much. But hey I live in a home not a hospital.

I am a workaholic ( I draw a new cartoon on the board in my cube everyday).
Seriously way too into what I do.

I can't stand the crowded clubs ( anyway I have a wooden leg, when in comes to dancing). I would instead go out on a sweaty hike or a cool drive with blaring music. If only I had a bike. Or maybe a long tiring tennis or volleyball or badminton session.
well I am quite happy being single.