Tuesday, October 03, 2006

advice on getting married

poor bachelors like me are always trying to find, what getting married means.
so I poped this question, after the usual weekend volleyball match.

me: so guys, how do u find married life, different from single life

...xx...... ( murmurs... )
finally one guy

guy: u know, earlier I used to wash one bag of clothes every fortnight.
Now I have to carry 2 bags every week.

a lot of nods everywhere.

and that my fellow bloggers is the great difference.


  1. hey jeesem,
    thts not fair,.. you are scaring those who are not married... but really when i see my relatives with thier children or hubby i feel life is priety cool in living alone.... FREEDOM FREEDOM....

  2. :)

    u trying to find reasons for ur present state!

    jes.., u will have to do it finally!!!

  3. pallavi: njoy while u can :))

    anoop_g: no jelousy pls. :-P. just kidding. I am happy as I am

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM


    Good and clever statement. Happy as you are. Keep the statement when you get married too!

    In a way marriage is not to make less easy or cut freedom. Its a social resp. The moment you step out of your home, you have less freedom. You start your car and more rules come in.

    Life, man, life. Not just scribbling on the white board:)

  5. hehehe After two years of marraige poor guy has to wash 3 bags of cloths.:D

  6. that's an interesting perspective of a married life...LOL

  7. riyaz san: I would prefer scribbling sm more time :)
    well, i don't hav a responsibility to society to get married. hey but , this was just meant as humour post :))

    boldnbeautiful : just a humble request. pls. don't giv the guy who falls for u, such a hard time :))

    baby angel: it is ;-)