Monday, October 02, 2006

kicks left n rite, i finally feel alive

I had to handle the engineering escalations for my product. This comes ones every 5 months. It is usually a no-event program, with u having to tag a blackberry along all the time. So I asked the seasoned, tanned guys their experience

guy1: I had a great time playing games in blackberry
guy2: Hey it will be good exercise for u.( for ur physique, black berry is like dumbells).

Uneventful, sitting at home ,hmm that would be so boring.
Maybe that will give me time to reflect back and do changes in my life.

and how did it go till now
1. It escaped hitting a cute doggie on road. And barely escaped getting my car banged from behind, to save the doggie ( this monkey may hav been declared a martyr :))

2. Thanks to my lucky hands, I am sitting awake 2 nights, trying to fix issues, when I have no clue of the features/functionality itself.

3. Changing my life. I am just starting and already I feel like it is better to crusify myself.

So life is finally kicking up around me and I feel alive. What is it without a few challenges.
And there are those good friends around. I woke 2 right in the middle of nite and pestered them.
So easy to find a smile, and I am smiling ear to ear.
and laughing :))

phone rings.
support guy: hey we have another customer's box crashing. he wants it up by early morning. can u take a look and fix it.

( I have no clue what the box does even)

me: hehehehe

support guy : what was that. I didn't here u

me: ohh, its just the monkey next door :))


  1. hahaha. You are right. What's life without challanges and Friends. Good luck with your challanges buddy.

  2. Anonymous9:30 AM

    awwww get some sleep and take care, jeseem-chan!! (^o^);;

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  4. Jeseem, u've been tagged !!

  5. i thin kim too sleepy right now.. caus ei cant figure out the

  6. hey! so hos blueberry:s :)
    I never like it though:)

  7. brown eyes, how u too hav ur interesting beautiful challenges

    niki chan, thank u . ZZzzz.

    ann jee, thank u, tag post coming soon.

    neha : no u r not sleepy. i was when posting

    unaiza : i like small phones. never was comfortable with carrying small phone in pocket( ohh u lucky girls, with such big bags). so didn;t hav a good impression of blackberry. but after using it, i kind of like it. it is big, but u can be easily strung on a belt ( anha so guys can only wear belts :)). also it is good to be able to read mails immediately. but final opinion reserved till i try out the games.