Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


There was a time , when man could always depend on his best friend.
I mean the canine kind.
But since woman have started giving attention to it, things have changed

Recently a cute girl gave me the look,
so I, like any guy would, walked upto her.

"Grrrr.... Grrrr....."
from who else but her dog

girl: hey sweetie . come here to me
( she was speaking to the dog , not me *sigh*)

dog ( to me) : Grrrr... keep away
me: wooh wooh ssh.... cute dogie.

dog: don't shh shh me . That now works only when it comes from girls

me: why ? u r for ages the guys best friend

dog: that was last decade. now we switched sides

me: ***TRAITOR***
biting the hand that fed you

dog: I had to work for you.
you would shoot some poor animal and I would have to run to pick it up.
And being a lousy shots that you are, most times we had to do the dirty work
and make it look like u killed it.
u hav any idea how hard a wild boar fights.

me: well u got some wild meat to eat.

dog: too hard life. now I get soft nuggets, weekly washes , hugs every 10 minutes and kisses.
life is cool

me: u r taking away the guy's previliges

dog: u guys ruined it by being careless and insensitive.

me: hmm.. I agree. but these are the bad guys. It has made it harder for the good guy (*yours truly*) to meet a girl. The only thing I hear is go away. I don't want to get hurt. Now being a good guy, I go away. If I was a bad guy, I would have stuck around.

dog : too much talk. there is one thing I miss with girls. Eating Bones. The cute girls like to give me snacks and candy bars and not hard bones. So when I see 'bag of bones' like you I get tempted.

I made a hasty exit.

So dear female readers, are pets the solution to loneliness, instead of meeting the good guy.