Wednesday, December 02, 2009

restarting sketching ...
here's what I did y'day

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Trip to God’s own country 2

I am home playing soccer with my niece and nephew.
My nephew is playing soccer and I am playing "how a football feels when it goes flying towards a goal post".
My niece is playing horse riding and I am playing "how a horse's back feels after carrying an hour of riding" . Now I know why a horse stands on four legs and not 2. After an hour of being a horse.. you would too

No wonder my brother looks happy and doesn't have the usual stooping and back pain. For me .. bengay .. moov..

In God's own country, you will feel like your are floating in bed when sleeping.. all thanks to your neighborhood mosquitoes.
The mosquito have all won heavy weight titles, with appetite to match and lifting me all a day's job for them. Still they believe in sharing.. so 100 work together instead of 10.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A visit to god’s own country

Me on phone: Hi Dad. Its me .. Happy New Year
Dad: New Year was 12 hours ago. Who are you telling me this late..

Me: It's me your son Jeseem, calling from USA. New Year started here only now.
Dad: Jasin .. good that you called.

Me (wondering): its time to go to India for a visit, before dad forgets my name and starts calling me Basin.

So started my trip plan for India after 3 years.
After the usual looking at myriad options to travel through and airlines,
And dreaming of stopovers and breaks in 5 countries for a 2 week visit to India,
I calculated that I will be able to spend at most 2 days in my home.

Me: Dad. Me flying in a week. On way I have a stopover at Amsterdam for 2 days, then spending 2 days in paris..
I will end up having 2 full days in my home. I have to spend around 5 hours at home finishing my office work

Mom ( in background): Why don't we go to USA. That way we can spend 6 months with our boy.

6 months.. with no night outs.. a shudder ran through me and the reaction was instant
Me: Dad, I decided to directly fly to India and will spend a month there. I have already booked tickets, so can't change plan.

No matter how old you grow, your parents always know how to outsmart you. ( 'cause they are growing older )