Monday, July 02, 2007

a taste of married life - child safety

My sister has recently moved to California and her kids are joining her.

sis: we need some child safety stuff. so do you know how to cover the heater, so your niece doesn't do her search of america, and discover the heating coil..

ohhh ..

when you need help, you call up the experts.
so I called a friends of mine who has 2 kids.

me: hello, need a help. I need to learn about child protection

friend: child protect.. ohho .. so u don't want a child.

me: hey noo.. we already have a child

friend: what .... hey congrats.. u silent smart guy, when did this happen..

Grrrr.... *cut*

2nd friend

me: hey , do u know about child proofing a room

friend: why ? when did u have one ?

me: no no. not me . my nieces are coming, for their room

friend: figures.. u have a child.. u can't even find a girl, dumb enough to go out with you .. hahaha

me: ok ok .. do u know ?

friend: ofcourse . its simple
take the child away from the room.

Grrrr... *cut*