Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I recently got an invitation to attend a seminar for entrance to evening MBA ( read part-time) from a very leading university in California. The audience were given opportunity to ask question to a few current students.

Audience question : Why did you choose to do MBA ?

student1: Well it is a sad story *sob*
my girlfriend left me , so I had to take a major decision on what I should do with my free time
I could go out looking for a new girl
or I could go on long trips
or I could do a part-time MBA.
so I choose the one, that would not leave me bankrupt

student2: I married a girl, who gave me too much attention ( u know like nagging)
so I wanted to stay out of house till late. What better excuse than studies

student3(a mrs) : I love my hubby and trust him completely.
But you know, one should always be doubly-sure.
so when he told me that he was joining MBA classes,
and these classes have so many single girls, I felt the urge to join too, u know so I could look out for him in the classes.
( student2 gave out a *sigh*)

Audience question2: I am trying to be an entrepreneur. So do you think this MBA program is useful for me.

Before anybody could answer, the head of the MBA institute intervened.
Head guy: Can we take this offline. I would like to get your contact info.
( I need to get out of this Crazy useless university. So will you employ me in your new company. Plsss.....)