Saturday, May 26, 2007

the story of a girl's bag

Like a child seeing a rabbit come out of a magician's hat, I have always wondered what will come out next, from a girl's bag next.
Those cute looking bags ...

But don't be deceived by the looks, these bags are stress tested. Have you seen a girl pressing her purse in the midst of an emotional movie scene. Those soft hands can give a 300lb crushing pressure on the poor bag.

So I decided to find more.
now past experience has told me, never to go on a hands-on approach. If you dare touch the bag, the high heals will touch your face.

I started with asking a little help

me (to a married guy): hey can you tell me what all contents you have seen come out of your wife's bag.

married guy: after all these years,
I have seen only contents go into her bag, nothing comes out.
The bag just keeps gobbling and my purse just keeps emptying.

me : can you ask her the contents of her bag
married guy : *shivering* Nooooo!!! .

me : you chicken
married guy : you get married, then you will be (chicken too)

So I decided to investigate myself.

me : hey can you tell me what all, you carry in your bag
she: Nooo !!!
its private

me : hey , you know what guy carries in his purse.
she : yaaa. guys are so unsophisticated.
being a girl is so hard.

me : will you tell me the contents
she : NOO Way

me : Can I peek into you bag and see its contents.
she: if you try, you will get a good swing of the bag on your head.
mind you its heavy and painful

I leave her. her bag looks real big and heavy ( and my head is too soft to handle its blow).

so I decide to ask someone who carries a small bag.

me : hi, can you tell me what all you carry in your bag

she : ohh .. why you want to know.

me : just out of curiosity
she : wells lots of stuff. it depends

me : like what ?
she : lots of stuff

me : like face paper, fragrances
she : gosh you guys are so unsophisticated. we have girly stuffs

me : what are these girly stuffs :D
she : %@!*&(@###$%^@!#~

I am still clueless. But I do know one thing. Girl's bag are heavy and hard and when it hits you, it is painful.

but I did find this.
what is more messy then a guy's room
answer: a girl's bag. thats why she doesn't show it to you.