Friday, July 14, 2006


I saw my roommate looking at my blog.
me : what are you doing lazying around here. don't you have to go to office.

roomie : I am looking at what are you upto.
plus I want to read the comments.
and what are you doing streched up in that rocker chair .

me : I am working from home :-B

Work from home is such a good concept. Lie in you bed or a comfortable chair with laptop in your lap and tea in one hand ( for some its beer) and type away. It is so relaxing. You never feel the pressure. I remember having once done work from home till 6 am and was still fresh enough to go to office.

Ofcourse there are some bad sides to it.
Like when broke the monitor of my old laptop , by sleeping on it ( of course when working from home). U see sometimes my pillow falls away and I need another one. But when you are asleep, you really don't remember to shutdown and close the laptop.