Sunday, July 29, 2007

8 facts about me

The girl with a big beautiful eyes, tagged me.
I look again, and hey her eye looks big
'cause she is peering at me from a camera lens.

I can imagine what her next request would be.
"Hey can you jump from that high cliff..
I want to take a photo of a guy falling. plzz... :) "

and then a Japanese Beauty tagged me.
She has a great smile, but her pics never show her hands ( holding a baseball bat.. now do the tag or else... )

okie so to the tag
well, everything about me is random, so this one will be easy :)

1. On a moonlit night
friend : hey , the moon is so full and bright. I always feel so strong emotionally on full moon night. Why do all people feel that way.
me: hmm so on a new moon night, you will have no emotions. right ?

yes, I am a master at pulling leg. Though I never do it before married guys and girls.

2. The love affair.
On a moonlit night, I looked at her. She had a shine.
and the words escaped from me , like a silent murmur.
" I Love You"

And then I heard a peel of laughter and someone rolling on the pavement not able to control her laughter. Finally she got up and said : How dare you express your love for your car before me.
Well, dear mustang car of mine, we will always be together.

( as a sidenote, she is getting a new competition soon ;) )

2. Dressing

me ( wearing my new dress): how do I look ?
friend: Like out of stone age
me: hey, in stone age, humans didn't wear cloths.
friend: compared to what you are wearing, they looked better.

Since then I have been doing the rounds of abercrombie and fitch, american eagle, aeropostle ...

3. friends

I like to make good friends.
And for good friends, I am always there to help.
Now if a friend calls me and says, "hey I am stuck 100miles away. Can you come ? "
He/She can be sure I will come there in 2 hrs to pick him up ( driving a rental BMW Z4 or a more pricier car, which ofcourse he will have to pay for)

4. food
friend: how can you always eat out. Don't you get bored
me : how can you always eat @home. Don't you get bored.
friend: home food is so good.
me : yeah it is, but when not you are cooking. Then I prefer restaurant.

I run ....

I like eating out always. Right from my college days. and I love it.
Besides its charity work , helping the poor cooks and waiters make a living.

5. young guy
Couple of female colleagues celebrating the lady finance managers birthday.
I heard a cake being cut and innocently walked in.
so I was given a cake.

me (to the b'day girl) : so how old are you ?
she : you shouldn't ask such a question, you know.
me : you must be 26
she : no I am 31 :-)

I think she turned 35 on that day :-)

A colleague friend of mine and me sitting in coffee breakroom

she : how old are you ?
me : you guess.
she : let me see. 24 ?

I am rolling on the floor laughing. Well she got it way wrong, but usually people get my age wrong by at least 3-4 years.

6. wake-up service
phone rings
my friend picks it up.
friend: hello
me : hi , good morning
friend : but its saturday. why wake me up
me: well I just wanted to trouble you in morning.

Grrr,.... *phone slams down*

I sleep 5-6 hrs a day everyday.
Unfortunately I don't get to see any free night movie screening ( dreams). Some people are so lucky, but not me :(

friend : do you flirt ?
me : no .. no.

will a flirt ever admit that he flirts.
I don't. I just call it passing a few honest compliments :-)
And the best fun is to make someone soar in sky with so many praises and
then bring her crashing down, with a little leg-pulling.
Guaranteed to get you kicked every time :)

8. Mr. Strong
friend : you are so strong
I stand up and suck up all the air trying to show my inflated chest.
friend ( with a smile) : I mean mentally.

I gracefully deflate myself
Well part is true, I do have my low times. Thats about 1 day an year.