Friday, October 13, 2006


Watch before reading smone's personal diary.
poor donald.
well if i were daisy, he would be facing a firing squad :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Karwa Chauth

I had dinner at a friend's place. He had recently returned from a long trip.

me: u must hav to do lots of weekend shopping. rt ?

hearing this, his wife came running. now I am puzzled.

guy: no no. no shopping.

So I am more puzzled. After his wife left to another room.

guy: shh. don't talk abt shopping

mrs ( from the other room, to her hubby) : I can hear. u better buy me something. I am taking a karva chauth (fast) for you. i better get something.. ( karva chauth is a fast, wife takes for the long life of her husband)

guy: hey I already gave u a gift

mrs: that is old story. I want gift for tomorrow. U think long life comes cheap.

hmm.. I had till now thought that guys would be delighted at Karva Chauth. After all, how can a guy tell his wife to slim down. A few more karva chauths an year maybe a good idea.
Never thought of the consequences.