Saturday, July 08, 2006

long hair

I belong to the crazy school of thought, when it comes to looks.

Girls should have very short hair (like what we call crew-cut) and rich dark skin.
like halle berry ..

Guys should have long hair and clear skin ( well maybe I can be flexible on the clear skin part about guys).
hair like mel gibson.
So I am trying to growing hair.
if only I could grow it that long and that nice, instead I look like a chimp with long hair.

So now heres the comments that I usually get

1. my mom( i call her mummies) on my visit to india:
you go to US and grow hair, but you need to keep it short till you are here. We need to go see a girl while you are here.
Thank god I am in free land.

2. from a girl ( one of my best friends) : u look a purky. already u r so skinny. dirty goose , go cut ur hair.

3. from a nearing bald friend : i dunno how u guys can have so much hair. if i could stick some.

4. from friend who ones visited my home: hey ur bathroom has more hair than a girl's

5. another comment from an office colleuge: hey you have great hair and you look good today.
alas , she is a 50+ old lady with thick glasses

6. from a friend who tried to put egg yolk on his near bald head to grow hair:

my day-to-day blunders

I was sitting online chatting at around 1 am and and had bored all friends by now.
Then I saw a friend "married guy" -- abc, who lives close by, online.

me : hey boss. no sleep
me : ?
me : u need to get a good beating from ur wife
me : :-)

abc : : this is mrs abc not abc

me : ohhh
me : oops

I logged off :-)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Grey hair

A week back I was peering at the mirror and voila, I saw a gray hair.

At last my long wait is over. I have started seeing a few gray hairs on my head. While most people would run for a scissor to cut away the gray hair, or run for the dye, for me it is a blessing.

So how good is gray hair. I recall on my last trip to India, few months back. Like every Indian returning from US, I also gave the customary visit to dentist. While waiting for an appointment, I tried to pick up conversation with a fellow patient. And he started off with, so what college are you studying in. When you have hit the magic 30, you really don't want to be mistaken for a college kid. A 25-year look would be a complement, but college age doesn't really seem like one.

So that observation started me thinking about the number of times when presenting something in office, I was praised as having a good observation for a 'young person'. Of course the photo of a monkey, which stands out at anyone visiting my cubicle or that deep red t-shirt I so much love to wear, isn't exactly helping me. So I decided it was time for change. Move out t-shirt, in came formal shirt and pants. I wanted to put on even blazers, but with you manager running around in a crumpled pants or Bermudas, you don't really feel like wearing blazers. So now I started looking like a young college kid, who wears formals to try to look important. Ohh that young guy :)

So welcome some gray hair and let me look a bit my age.