Saturday, February 17, 2007

a simple wish

It was a beautiful day.
The Temple was full of people.
And the Gods were happy

God was smiling at his people, when all of a sudden , he sees a strange figure lurking around
Now God being God can focus and see through, to the hiding person and
Ohhh Nooo...
what is he doing here.

With surprise, anger and rage, he confronts

God : hey jeseem, what happened ? how come you here ?
Did the sun rise from the West ? Wait I didn't order that

me: ( with that innocent smile) Can't I come to see you

God : Now I do miracles, but this is one miracle that even I am surprised with.
As I remember from our last conversation,
I expected/hoped/prayed never to see you for a long time.

me: I came 'cause, some things, I can get only here.

God : At last you have seen the light.
Tell me , ooh unworthy child, what boon do you ask for ?
Do you want a long life?
Do you want peace ?
Do you want to stop getting kicked my the other gender. Wait I wasn't responsible for that , atleast not completely ;-)

me : well, there is a small immediate matter.

I have heard that I can get good sweets ( candies) and excellent mouth-watering food.

God: HAHA...
mr. smart guy, I knew you would come here for this.
so the devotees who came before you felt more hungry today ( call it divine intervention ;-) )
and so they finished all the food just before you came.

and so I came back home emptyhanded, from my visit to Livermore temple in California.
Guess its better to hit the neighborhood bakers