Friday, November 03, 2006

Yaba daba dooo

I need to get myself a baby dinosaur and
I want to get a big paunch like Fred Flinstone.
but no dinasaur insight and hmm, I lost another pound.

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Wonder Years Tag!

Tagged by silverline and under threat of her strong-arm tactics

(plzz.. Noooo.. Oowww… that hurt *sob* *sob*),
am penning my childhood memories.

The tag is
1. Write 8-10 things about childhood ( 1-12 years) that you miss.
2. Write 8-10 things that you disliked about childhood.

here goes.

What I miss

1. Going back to Kerala during school vacation, and eating jack fruit, lots of them and then spending next day in restroom :)
And once out, again eating more jackfruit.

2. Drinking lots of Rice soup made from broken, unpolished rice (podiarre kanjee)
and then lying around like an upturned tortoise, unable to move.

3. Cycling in the campus. We were in an airforce campus and had a huge safe camp.
The crowning glory was cycling on the runways.

4. On really rainy days, the area around our classroom would be lightly flooded. So we would make small hole just below the door for the water to seep in. Soon the class would be flooded. We will all say our morning class prayers standing on top of the benches and then happily go home for the day.

5. The Durga pooja (a major festival) and the khechadi (kind of a rice plus cereals mix, made into a thick soup like stuff). It used to be a 3-4 day carnival, complete with dances and food.

6. Going on hunts to find wild sweet potatoes in the campus.
This was like the wildest hunting trip anyone could ever take :)

And what I hated.

1. Having to drink milk. Mummies ( thats how i call my mom, smtimes) would bring me milk and I would say, put some tealeaves in it and give me as tea. Mom would invent new ways of trying to give me milk, like serving it when my favorite TV program was running and I would find new ways of escaping, like throwing the milk in the sink and saying I finished it.

2. When I was very young, I bloodied a fellow's nose. So as a punishment, my teacher made me sit one who whole sem, in the middle of girls.

But I am ready to bloody another guy's nose, if I will get the same punishment again ;-)

3. We moved frequently, like every 3-4 years. so I don't have much of old school buddies.

4. Being different.

5. The long train journeys back to Kerala. It was so tiring and the train would smell bad. The one good thing was I fell for novels - hook, line and sinker. On these journeys, my parents realized how much books can cost, but alas too late :-P

Come to think of it, I really did enjoy my childhood and gave lots of people hard times ( that was the most enjoyable part :-) ).

And now for my favourite part, tagging
So I tag

1. Deepa , the girl who writes love, literally.
2. That crazy lawyer, who is out cooking food and smtimes cooking other lawyers, who oppose her.
3. The japanese girl, with mesmerizing sweet orange hair
4. Hirdu maharaz, all the gays in SFO are mourning his departure ( kidding girls, he is not gay, but then again why take chances ;-) )
5. Bold n Beautiful , who has agreed to give some of her extra flabs to me, for a price. She drives a hard bargain
6. The dentist with canary's voice - ann ( revenge @last for the earlier tagging :=) )

and anyone who reads this mail...