Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cutting across culture

Just reading different blogs, I am so surprised by how difficult Indians find to accept different cultures.

I have few friends in US, who inspite of living here for past few years, still retain more indianness than most Indians. The one good thing though is, that they tend to loose a lot of the 'behind the back talk' and the 'I know all and will guide you' attitude. But not fully, as I have found more than once :))

So most keep long cherished dreams of returning to their wonderland India.
I don't mean to give any too pessimistic views, but once you return back to India , with all the wealth,
you still have to bear the people swearing at you, from your manager to the auto driver. From the dusty roads, to the ever meddlesomeness relatives. You have to be always on the lookout of who is waiting to cheat you..

so if you are in US and are escaping all this , what is wrong with accepting a few flaws of US life and having a few friends, who are not Indian and spending some time with people of other culture and accepting their views of life even when they contradict all you have learnt. After what you have learnt was in a single culture environment.

Just be open ...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

my mustang

I never had a thing for cars , till I bought this one. There is something about it , that made me buy it without thinking much. Now I know why people love cars

1st march

One of my romanian friend told me that 1st march is a day when you send flowers to all girls, friends or otherwise.

so I took this oppurtunity to send this.

And few of the responses that i received where so different.

response 1 ( this i like most)

It's beautiful!! How sweet of you :-)
Did u take this picture?

response 2

In he two list I can not find my name. to whom all is this been sent ?
So no thanks J

response 3

so sweet ......
sorry couldn't talk to you .......
life's got pretty hectic.........
take care

Everyone is so different and unique in there own way.
Some are open, some guarded and some pessimistic.
Life teaches everyone different lessons

But everyone is beautiful in their own way.