Sunday, January 18, 2009

A visit to god’s own country

Me on phone: Hi Dad. Its me .. Happy New Year
Dad: New Year was 12 hours ago. Who are you telling me this late..

Me: It's me your son Jeseem, calling from USA. New Year started here only now.
Dad: Jasin .. good that you called.

Me (wondering): its time to go to India for a visit, before dad forgets my name and starts calling me Basin.

So started my trip plan for India after 3 years.
After the usual looking at myriad options to travel through and airlines,
And dreaming of stopovers and breaks in 5 countries for a 2 week visit to India,
I calculated that I will be able to spend at most 2 days in my home.

Me: Dad. Me flying in a week. On way I have a stopover at Amsterdam for 2 days, then spending 2 days in paris..
I will end up having 2 full days in my home. I have to spend around 5 hours at home finishing my office work

Mom ( in background): Why don't we go to USA. That way we can spend 6 months with our boy.

6 months.. with no night outs.. a shudder ran through me and the reaction was instant
Me: Dad, I decided to directly fly to India and will spend a month there. I have already booked tickets, so can't change plan.

No matter how old you grow, your parents always know how to outsmart you. ( 'cause they are growing older )


  1. Anonymous6:12 AM

    mom is sooooo smart :D :D :D

  2. always the great joker u are... ^^ glad to have u back!

  3. niki
    thank you niki chan.. yes mom is too smart :(

    baby angel
    hey great to see u and niki chan picked up my blogpost so fast. never thought anyone would be reading.
    thank u

  4. Happy New Year Jeseem! That is hilarious! Our parents know how to get us like nobody else! Have a wonderful trip. ; )

  5. "before dad forgets my name and starts calling me Basin."


    Caught between the devils and the deep sea I see!

  6. LOLZ!!
    interesting reads :-)

  7. lol....!!!! :)
    Parents are smart; ...n if they are from God's own country they are smarter! :)


  8. OMG..ur too funny jes bhai.."b4 dad forgets my name n calls me Basin" was the best !! loved it :D haha ...cant stop lol :P .