Wednesday, February 07, 2007

beauty and beast (belle)

more attempts at scratching

the happy belle and the thinking/pondering belle
( of the beauty and the beast)


  1. ohhh .. Beauty & the Beast,is my fav fairytale .. I liked the happy belle more :)..!!

  2. Very lovely..although Belle's head looks abit weird :P haha - just kidding, her eyes are very well done!

  3. Anonymous2:47 AM

    the happy belle is very cute!!


  4. So cute! I wonder have you created any original cartoons? That would be fun to see too.

  5. Anonymous8:02 AM

    yeah her eyes are well done!!
    look as if shes alive :D

  6. good one!

    also it seems now you have female fans across the globe :)

    keep it up!

  7. ann: hehehe... so who is the beast in the tale :P

    tohou: yeah it is bit weard. i am not that good.. ohhh oops, correction, that is modern art :)

    shammu: thank u. so is ur pic

    anali : I wish to smday. but right now whenever i ask smone to sit for a session, so i can draw, they run and i never hear back from them.

    niki chan: hehehe. i wish she were too , so i could ask her out :)

    poonaji : rt, i am the fan of everyone. actually i do roam around a lot of blogs and find the girls blog very insightful. guys , not that much effort and thought put into the blog. what can i say , gender in-equality. science does say we are the inferior one.

  8. one thing I have to admit (cant help, my bad luck) ur Art is too good.

    Whenever I see them I just fall in love.

    why dont u sketch some nice hunks? he hehe

  9. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Hi Jeseem!

    Is this your drawing?Its cool!!
    Keep them coming!!

    btw,thanx for the greeting,and I appreciate it a lot :)

    see you around!!

  10. BnB: guys will draw girls better. it is natural. so only one nice pic in these pages. no competition allowed :)

    ghee chan: s, just smtime pass time scratching i do when bored. and thank u

  11. Hey, you rocked....
    very well made sketches......

  12. seriously, u should start your own comic... u already have ur fan base here! :)

  13. great scratches! yup the eyes are well done...they're expressive.

  14. ahha ! now i know why u compliment me [w.r.t the post before ur previos one ! ]

  15. happy valentine's day

  16. deepa : i comment only when smone deserves it. and usually i am very miserly. so if i did about you, it was 'cause u were sooooooo... good

  17. BnB: arre happy valentine day nahe kahte, chappe daete hein. just kidding .. thank u and a happy valentine day to you too

  18. Happy valentines Day :)

  19. poo: wishing you a happy , beautiful and romantic valentine day too

  20. which girl has curly hair ? i for sure know i dont ~~

  21. wavy when shampooed newly , i guess. ... else it is straight as a ..errr well, something !

  22. Helo!
    Very, very nice
    Tank you

  23. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Oye Sir :) me thinks its time for the next scratch work :D :D :D :P!!!!

  24. ur wish is my command ms. :)
    so what next to draw

  25. Anonymous2:26 AM

    i see, the command, oooppps, the wish hasnt been executed yet :P!
    what too draw?everyone above hasbeen asking you if u have made ur own original cartoon..have you?illenkil make it up one now and draw sir :D :D !!!!!

  26. shammu, i did draw one y'day. but camera ran out of battery so couldn't take a snap. drawing out of imagination, well need more motivation for that. so for now, more requests please

  27. My favourite disney character is Jasmin from Aladdin! She's gorgeous - draw her!!!! Or a caricature of a famous person :)

    That's my reccomendations ;)


  28. wow !!
    you turn the picture alive. lovely.

  29. Anonymous11:07 PM

    lovely picture..
    and that beauty and the beast is really great to see..

  30. amy: even i like jasmine. will try to draw her

    pink ginger: thank u. just scribblings really. not any great skills. and just a fresh starter

    mona: thank u

  31. Anonymous3:16 AM

    hi dear,
    well thanx for putting ur thoughts across my blog...
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    do need ur responce from you..may be we got something better..and will definetly write something new on this soon...

  32. Anonymous3:42 AM

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  33. Anonymous4:51 AM

    okies..u cud try drawing rapunzel or yeah jasmine,she s soo cuteee :D,or anyone frm the comics like Billy or maybe tweety or kitty or perhaps of a monkey stealing food from the kitchen :D :D or if u wanna draw a lovely lady refer my disp pic (LOL)!!!
    takecare,if i get any weird ideas i wil leave it here!