Saturday, August 19, 2006

A conversation with God

I was quite puzzled with few things in my life,
how come I am like this,
I had to find out , so I decided to talk to God about it

Me: hi god, how are you
God : busy boy, u people are keeping me so busy.
and to think I created you just 'cause I felt lonely.
Now I am overworked.
I created a masterpiece, and it is coming back to haunt me.

God: alright what do u want. speak up

Me: I was just wondering. I seem to have similarity with Brad Pit and Tom Cruise in looks.
Also on the brainy side , I must have something close to Stephen Hawking.
Is there something to it.

God: hmm... about looks
well u see, before making a masterpeice, the artist has got to clean up his brushes.
well before making Brad Pit and Tom Cruise, I had to do it.
So now u know, how u were created.

Me : ouchh..

God : well u don't need to be too upset about it. I created Stephen Hawking before you.
Boy he took away a lot of Brain ink. So I had very little left for my other master potraits movie stars. So I decided to clean the bottle on you. It was more like wipping the bottle edges. But well , u know u were luckier than the two who came after you :)

God: so are you leading a worthy life now. You know you have to come back to me after your life.

Me : you know god, I think I was too bored in heaven. It was more like a military regiment with you controlling everything. I take this life as a vacation.
and when vacationing, you never think of your work.

God : Hey u better behave, otherwise I will fate it, that you never find a girl. If you mail one, she will never reply. If you ask her number, well she will give you the number of mental hospital.

Me : well u know, as u said , in these matters, heaven is great. so I guess I can meet girls once I am back in heaven.

God : well who said u are coming back in heaven.

Me : hey for 60 years of vacationing, u can atmost punish me for only 60 years in hell. then u have to let me in.

God : says who

Me : this is absolute cheating. you are breaking the rules of punishment.

God : so now. my rules are comng to haunt me.

Me : as an afterthought, can I stay in this vacationing forever. you know I like it here. maybe some new science that can let me live forever.

God : hold on .. there..
u want to be an immortal human. Well someday science will find the secret. But I will make sure to bring you back , before that. I cannot stand you there for another 30-40 years, leave alone forever. enjoy while you can.

Me : 30 years , well Thanks. I will take it to heart, oops I mean brain. so long . chau.

God : Hey but do remember to thank me from time to time.

Me : Well I will do all my thanking when I come back to you . chau chau.

connection cut.


  1. Anonymous10:34 PM

    ROFL!!!! be nice to God, Jaseem-chan!(^o^);;;;
    thanks for making my day!!

  2. he he! good one!

    thanks for thelink. just got to figure out an SSH for India that I can download! :)

  3. niki : thank u miss :)

    miss. strctly foe friends, thank u. lemme know if it works fine

  4. i sometimes feel like challenging GOD..

    but then i feel afraid,, why take chances ?

  5. hey anoop san,
    anyway ur actions hav already placed u in hell for iternity. so why not go with a smile and laugh while u can. kalla gafoore :)

  6. no i still have a chance... only 32 yrs passed.. i can make up..

  7. Anonymous8:23 AM

    awww~ Jeseem-chan!!
    thank u sooo very much for adding me too(^o^)/
    im happy dancing! pls call me niki-chan. no 'miss'..lollll

  8. Anonymous12:33 AM

    hey jes da..positives

    1.You are questioning GOD :)

    1.toooo longgg :)


  9. lol...good one!!didnt noe god wud b so straightforward :)
    nice..made me smile :)

  10. ani : thank u. but i am not questioning anyone. the blog is just to get a smile out of anyone who reads.

  11. hey nice one dear,
    but dont b too late to thanx god.. afterall he is always behind the scene..

  12. ithu entha jeseem ??

    if you wish, try "cryonics" n hav fun :0)