Monday, July 02, 2007

a taste of married life - child safety

My sister has recently moved to California and her kids are joining her.

sis: we need some child safety stuff. so do you know how to cover the heater, so your niece doesn't do her search of america, and discover the heating coil..

ohhh ..

when you need help, you call up the experts.
so I called a friends of mine who has 2 kids.

me: hello, need a help. I need to learn about child protection

friend: child protect.. ohho .. so u don't want a child.

me: hey noo.. we already have a child

friend: what .... hey congrats.. u silent smart guy, when did this happen..

Grrrr.... *cut*

2nd friend

me: hey , do u know about child proofing a room

friend: why ? when did u have one ?

me: no no. not me . my nieces are coming, for their room

friend: figures.. u have a child.. u can't even find a girl, dumb enough to go out with you .. hahaha

me: ok ok .. do u know ?

friend: ofcourse . its simple
take the child away from the room.

Grrrr... *cut*


  1. Hi dear,
    After a long time, im here..
    hmm communication gap.
    TAke care

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    awww good one!!
    u have many witty friends lol
    my sis is doing child protecting NPO. they cant speak english thoo.
    there must be a lot of similar NPO's in the States too.
    did u find their website??
    enjoy fatherhood with ur lovely sis and niece ;)

  3. LOL...grr..cut!

  4. good conversation..and nice to feel read..

  5. Anonymous6:47 AM

    nice reading..gud stuff :)

  6. Anonymous9:27 AM

    happy july 4th, jeseem-chan!!
    have a fabulous day!!

  7. he he he
    I am just wishing Jes for thee day when u have ur real one & make you run upstairs & down

  8. BTW whats 4th july ?
    Is that ur birthday.

    Lemmi wish many happy returns anyway.

    if isn't ur birthday then convert my wish to advance or belated.

    Btw it cant be aniversary as gals are running away from jes he hehe

    is that ur doggie's birthday. I dont think dogie would not have survived till now he he he

  9. sorry....not so helpful friends you have here....

    where have you been?

  10. Ha Ha... that's hilarious, Jeseem.

    Grrrr...*cut* :P

  11. I had for long been thinking of writing sumthing comical, damn it will be hard to outdo you!

  12. Anonymous10:03 PM

    marriage life and lovely kids...*SIGH**
    hiii dont lazy around and reply comments in here, jeseem-chan lol

  13. shruti
    yes dear, i have been bit bz lately. thankfully that phase is over.

    niki chan
    Grr.... pulling my leg.
    I will get revenge. I will teach ur niece to trouble u

    thank u. welcome. and please come again :)

  14. Anonymous10:27 PM

    yaaay thank u sooo much lol
    i have nephews, jeseem-chan.

  15. raghu
    thanks for the compliment and thanks for dropping by

    thank u rashi. its just sm scriblings

  16. niki chan
    If I celebrate july 4 everyday, will I get the hugs everyday :P

  17. BnB
    hey shld you be wishing that I got a beautiful smart cute girl first. no girl no kid. hey isn't action better than wishes. so what are the contact no. of ur girl friends :P
    more seriously, I am not cutout for such a life. I am very happy as I am and wish to remain happy all my life.

    July 4 is when i ( and US nation too)declare my independence. so girls will run away today and come back on july 5

  18. aviana
    no they are just returning back the past favours I gave them:)
    I was bit bz with work ( and my work includes all the fun activities)

    I will get my revenge on those friends. you know smtimes, b4 their wives, I may accidently mention abt their past gfs. oops :P

  19. beast
    it just harmless stupid scriblings bro.

    niki chan
    hey hey ..
    what happed to the girlish way of making a lazy guy work. like saying work and i will giv u hugggss :)
    ur wish is my command maam

  20. You are funny Jeseem, my mind runs wild when I read "child protection" hahaha hmmmm...

    You are a nice guy, the right girl will come ... :)

    Have lots of fun with your little angels...

  21. lol - love the last one!

  22. You're such a good uncle! ; )

  23. You have just been tagged..
    check for more information :)

  24. Mum caught me laughing in the middle of the night reading this post...LOL!! someday u will make a funny daddy when u meet the right gal :))

  25. Hahahah that was a gud1...had me in splits..:))

  26. Anonymous9:05 AM

    duh!! when will u do that tag? :P

  27. Anonymous11:26 PM

    heyyy it been a week lol
    where is ur tag jeseem-chan??

  28. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Great work.

  29. Anonymous8:22 AM

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