Saturday, May 26, 2007

the story of a girl's bag

Like a child seeing a rabbit come out of a magician's hat, I have always wondered what will come out next, from a girl's bag next.
Those cute looking bags ...

But don't be deceived by the looks, these bags are stress tested. Have you seen a girl pressing her purse in the midst of an emotional movie scene. Those soft hands can give a 300lb crushing pressure on the poor bag.

So I decided to find more.
now past experience has told me, never to go on a hands-on approach. If you dare touch the bag, the high heals will touch your face.

I started with asking a little help

me (to a married guy): hey can you tell me what all contents you have seen come out of your wife's bag.

married guy: after all these years,
I have seen only contents go into her bag, nothing comes out.
The bag just keeps gobbling and my purse just keeps emptying.

me : can you ask her the contents of her bag
married guy : *shivering* Nooooo!!! .

me : you chicken
married guy : you get married, then you will be (chicken too)

So I decided to investigate myself.

me : hey can you tell me what all, you carry in your bag
she: Nooo !!!
its private

me : hey , you know what guy carries in his purse.
she : yaaa. guys are so unsophisticated.
being a girl is so hard.

me : will you tell me the contents
she : NOO Way

me : Can I peek into you bag and see its contents.
she: if you try, you will get a good swing of the bag on your head.
mind you its heavy and painful

I leave her. her bag looks real big and heavy ( and my head is too soft to handle its blow).

so I decide to ask someone who carries a small bag.

me : hi, can you tell me what all you carry in your bag

she : ohh .. why you want to know.

me : just out of curiosity
she : wells lots of stuff. it depends

me : like what ?
she : lots of stuff

me : like face paper, fragrances
she : gosh you guys are so unsophisticated. we have girly stuffs

me : what are these girly stuffs :D
she : %@!*&(@###$%^@!#~

I am still clueless. But I do know one thing. Girl's bag are heavy and hard and when it hits you, it is painful.

but I did find this.
what is more messy then a guy's room
answer: a girl's bag. thats why she doesn't show it to you.


  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    haha!! i couldnt stop laughing when i read this post on my mobile :D

  2. "But I do know one thing. Girl's bag are heavy and hard and when it hits you, it is painful." Hmm.. so you have experienced it now ?

    And no, it is never messy. It is your jealousy/ disappointment that is speaking :P

    Hai na ?

  3. niki
    thank u niki chan.

    cuckoo, so u say.
    So can I peep into your bag and check it. :P

  4. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Jeseem, do u still dream?

  5. ha ha ha...funny. My bag is messy too and no I won't tell u what's in it.

  6. this mite answer ur curiosity

  7. anish
    yup. :)

    see, the truth is coming out.

    i hav to see to believe :)
    btwn nice post.

  8. That was funny he he..

    Hey you are so inquisitive. I will tell you whatz there in my bag.

    1. A Wallet
    2. Key bunch Wallet
    3. 2 GB pen drive
    4. 3 Debit card & 2 Credit card
    6. Security code generator
    7. 2 Nokia cell phone (6270 & 6030)
    8. Sunscreen lotion
    9. 3 lipstick
    10 moisturizer
    11. hair brush & small hair comb
    12. Cheque book
    13. 2 Envelops
    14. safety pin
    15. Ear plug
    16 Three fold umbrella
    15 Cash
    16. Business cards
    17. Happy dent & chlormint
    18. Note book
    19. 2 pen
    20. Saibaba Pic
    21. first aid medicine( Crocin/Saridon/brupen/strugron/stemitil/ovamin)
    22. Hand kerchief
    23.Five star choco bar
    24 ear ring & neck piece
    25 Rubber band & hair pins
    26.Nail polish
    27. Nail file

  9. BnB
    arre yeah sab kaise ghus gaya akke chotte se bag mein. hey kya bag mein akke takiya palang bhe rakh sakte ho, u know emergency survival( sleep) stuff

  10. Some mysteries go deep actually :)

  11. Anonymous10:08 PM

    my bag is messy too :D
    i have panties and food for emergency like an eathquake.
    and eye drop for dry eyes...
    medicine for stomach and headache etc.
    sewing kit, matches and lighters. some outstanding bills lol

  12. hehe...i guess my bag is a lil simpler... : purse, car keys, house keys, lip moituriser, phone, tissue, pen drive & comb :) not a big fan of big bags...

  13. Anonymous6:52 AM

    oh my bag is small too.
    i juz cant walk without food and drinks in it lol

  14. If u ever come around Stock City u can probably find my bag sitting in a corner of a cafe or a shop, I always find a suitable place to put it.

  15. Good post. Liked it. :)

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