Monday, January 08, 2007

new year resolutions

Everyone is into drafting new year resolutions, so I have decided to put together my list.

1. Beat the QA/Product Testing guys just before the release.
It is the only way to get my work out

2. Never look at cute girls if they are driving vans.
If you look at the van closely, you will find her kid sitting in the back seat

3. Learn karate or some other marshal art.
It is the only way to get a little bit of space on club dance floor.

4. Encourage my manager to go skying on the roughest steepest ski range.
If he falls and gets hospitalized, I will have a good one month free

5. Try my hands at cooking. Yes I have found a 'bali ka bakra' (scapegoat/laboratory mouse) for my experiments :)
his motivation for joining the experiment : he wants to reduce his weight :)

6. Meet lots of people and make new friends, both real and virtual/chat friends.
Half my present friends have run away unable to bear me or had to be carried away after a breakdown

7. Learn sketching, painting, dancing(salsa), skiing
if only I can find a teacher with the patience

8. Travel , travel, travel... atleast 3-4 countries this year

I resolve to be happy, to do new things and to meet new people.


  1. I'm a sucker for New Year resolutions, glad to see you are, too! Your list made me smile...I'm with you on #8, hope you get to complete your travel goal, it's something I would definitely love to do.

    Good luck and a Happy New Year!
    (and now hoping blogger let's this comment go through, I tried earlier and it wouldn't let me)

  2. Resolutions.... NONO not in my list but i agree with 1, 6(already made few frnds thru blog)and 7 thats for sure SALSA ;)) 8 i want to travel to all the place IN and Out of India every where.

    So you are a i'm in testing as well...... Beat the QA ????

  3. LOL! #3 is hilarious! I look forward to hearing about you progress on each of these resolutions throughout the year! : )

  4. lotus: i am planning a eaurope trip once the summer starts. lets c

    ms,my life: even i met a friend through blogsphere. blogosphere is full of intelligent and deep thinking , smiling people.

    anali: r u not planning any resoultions, other then the beautiful concoctions u cook up ?
    definitely will keep u update.

  5. Anonymous9:21 AM

    this is hilarious!! #2 is ROFL!
    i love all...except ski.(how dangerous lol)
    #6 seems to be a great idea too.
    and i will not run away. hehe..
    #8 travel 3-4 countries?! not states? woow that sounds soooo costly.
    have a nice sunday, jeseem-chan!!

  6. jes bhai..,

    time to get a girl and raise family also.. ( by indian standards )

  7. niki chan : i didn't know you come online. never saw replies to messages. well travel, i am comfortably employed, so i think i can afford.

    anoop : if i find smone interesting ( i.e. who can tolerate me, usually they all run away on seeing me) this year, then maybe next year. and u know i am not that indian, to follow indian standards.

  8. Anonymous8:31 AM

    cool!! oh sorry i havent been able to do messanger for a long time :)
    i really feel like chatting and blogging tho.
    thanks very much for the msgs!!!

  9. Cute gals and vans?!?!? That's an 'awesome' resolution. LOL. Traveling is great. I already got my flight tickets to Hanoi, Vietnam this year :)

  10. baby angel: off to vietnam. interesting. so where r my tickets ? :)

  11. Anonymous2:33 PM

    heeyy there!!!
    a very nice blog!!!
    read thru ur resolutions too!coool ones!
    i did laugh out reading 2 n 4 :)
    take care!

  12. Resolutions...great...i always have hundreds of them..but never fulfill any of them...hope u can do some...specially the 2nd one.. ;P
    All the best

  13. kyra: thank u. will do ur tag next

    shammu: welcome and thank u stooping by. :)

    saira: resolutions are made to be broken. thats the fun na.
    but i would also prefer to not break the 2nd resolution :-)

  14. your air tickets are still with AirAsia! ;p

  15. Ha Ha.. going thru your posts. This one is so hilarious. Couldn't stop myself from commenting.