Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I recently got an invitation to attend a seminar for entrance to evening MBA ( read part-time) from a very leading university in California. The audience were given opportunity to ask question to a few current students.

Audience question : Why did you choose to do MBA ?

student1: Well it is a sad story *sob*
my girlfriend left me , so I had to take a major decision on what I should do with my free time
I could go out looking for a new girl
or I could go on long trips
or I could do a part-time MBA.
so I choose the one, that would not leave me bankrupt

student2: I married a girl, who gave me too much attention ( u know like nagging)
so I wanted to stay out of house till late. What better excuse than studies

student3(a mrs) : I love my hubby and trust him completely.
But you know, one should always be doubly-sure.
so when he told me that he was joining MBA classes,
and these classes have so many single girls, I felt the urge to join too, u know so I could look out for him in the classes.
( student2 gave out a *sigh*)

Audience question2: I am trying to be an entrepreneur. So do you think this MBA program is useful for me.

Before anybody could answer, the head of the MBA institute intervened.
Head guy: Can we take this offline. I would like to get your contact info.
( I need to get out of this Crazy useless university. So will you employ me in your new company. Plsss.....)


  1. Anonymous3:28 PM

    ROFL!! did that like really happen??
    yeah that is a great idea to look out her hubby!! haha..
    Great Post, thanks jeseem-chan!

  2. LOL! Funny post! Happy Holidays Jeseem!

    I see you've been making some changes on your blog. Nice picture and puzzle!

  3. niki chan: yes, she did say that she joined 'cause her hubby also joined.
    frankly it was disappointingly to see such a dumb bunch of students of such a prestigious university

    anali: happy Xmas to you. the puzzle is the sudoku game. It is getting very popular nowadays. I am also getting hooked to it.

  4. LOL! hilarious post ;p gf can be too naggy til he had to further his studies...haha!

  5. erm...testing... just wanna check how come it doesn't show my profile name :( sorry...

  6. hehe...so funny..."cheok" and "baby angel" both are me... i didn't change my profile but yet... hmmm...wonder what happened...

  7. Really funny ;))

  8. Thanks for the smile - visiting from Anali's blog!

  9. Anonymous12:12 PM

    arey?? 0nly 2 posts in December??
    wats ur plan during holidays??
    I wish u a Happy Prosperous New Year!!!

  10. anoop: thx
    cheok: jumping around active cat. u still havn't told me what cheok means.

    my life: thank u for visitng
    lotus reads: thank u for the smile.

    niki chan: yeah , i was doing some long drives. then not in right mood :) no plans for holidays. 2 weeks back i was runnign around and suddenly i find myself all alone. so :(
    wishing u too a happy new year

  11. really a funny post!

  12. well, abt ur qn on my post .... i know animals are real .. so, i'd rather help them

  13. Anonymous11:52 AM

    aww.. thanks very much for ur reply comment!
    ur not alone, jeseem-chan :)
    we are all together in the blog-o-sphere. hehe..
    Happy New Year 2007!!!!!

  14. good one dude :)

  15. what was the apology for ?

  16. Anonymous6:43 PM

    good evening jeseem-chan!
    new years post plzzzzz

  17. he he...that was funny!!
    Thanks for dropping in...keep visiting and take care!!

  18. ankita : thank u. and thank u for dropping

    niki chan: happy new year to you too. thank u for pulling me to post :)

    akit : thx bro

    deepa: i thght didn't like my comment on ur blog. ok i want my apology back with interest ( interest in cash and food accepted , excluding food u cooked ofcourse) :)

    saira: thx for dropping in too.