Tuesday, October 24, 2006


There was a time , when man could always depend on his best friend.
I mean the canine kind.
But since woman have started giving attention to it, things have changed

Recently a cute girl gave me the look,
so I, like any guy would, walked upto her.

"Grrrr.... Grrrr....."
from who else but her dog

girl: hey sweetie . come here to me
( she was speaking to the dog , not me *sigh*)

dog ( to me) : Grrrr... keep away
me: wooh wooh ssh.... cute dogie.

dog: don't shh shh me . That now works only when it comes from girls

me: why ? u r for ages the guys best friend

dog: that was last decade. now we switched sides

me: ***TRAITOR***
biting the hand that fed you

dog: I had to work for you.
you would shoot some poor animal and I would have to run to pick it up.
And being a lousy shots that you are, most times we had to do the dirty work
and make it look like u killed it.
u hav any idea how hard a wild boar fights.

me: well u got some wild meat to eat.

dog: too hard life. now I get soft nuggets, weekly washes , hugs every 10 minutes and kisses.
life is cool

me: u r taking away the guy's previliges

dog: u guys ruined it by being careless and insensitive.

me: hmm.. I agree. but these are the bad guys. It has made it harder for the good guy (*yours truly*) to meet a girl. The only thing I hear is go away. I don't want to get hurt. Now being a good guy, I go away. If I was a bad guy, I would have stuck around.

dog : too much talk. there is one thing I miss with girls. Eating Bones. The cute girls like to give me snacks and candy bars and not hard bones. So when I see 'bag of bones' like you I get tempted.

I made a hasty exit.

So dear female readers, are pets the solution to loneliness, instead of meeting the good guy.


  1. hey thats sad part...
    i think im not the wirte person to comment any thing because quetion has been put on girls only...
    lets see what they have to say about this..
    anyways ...take care..

  2. Anonymous8:05 AM

    personally, i'd prefer a dog any day :p

    nice post, btw

  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    bag of bones like u?! LOL
    great post, jeseem-chan!!
    some ppl say pets are solution to the loneliness and lack of love.
    i think meeting good guy is better tho.. ^^

  4. Anonymous11:13 PM

    may be u shd get a pet urself and let it do the same u do with gals :P

  5. vibhor : yeah.
    kyra : how abt if i start saying *woof* *Woof*

    niki chan: if only everygirl was like u. i mean as intelligent :)

    sherry: hmm. but the pet may start thinking of the *bag of bones* @home, whenever he feels hungry. i can't take that risk. so no dude

  6. Anonymous2:40 AM

    i'd suggest you see a counsellor :p

  7. well its because of guys themselves that girls now have more beleif on dogs than boys..(just kidding) dont take it seriously..
    and i think..dogs and men cant be compared..so be relaxed ..dogs are not going to take ur place..

  8. lol good one.
    Bags of bones hehehe I liked it.

    BTW Dogs are faithful than man :D
    One can trust dog but man's mind is dog's tail.

    Let me make quick exit before beaten up by men around here :P

  9. jes..,

    buy a girlie dog..
    she will fall in love with a boyie dog
    leaving his lady alone
    you can chose her without fearing the bites

  10. oh! dogs are so much more better. I got THREE dogs at home and they cho chweet!! btw i got a guy as well..mm..never mind..my pets r better.

  11. poornima: guys r more difficult. but given the rt care, they r more comforting. e.g kiss a pet,see how it behaves. kiss a guy, see how he behaves :D

  12. ha ha ha, I am glad you men realized it ;)

  13. tanushree : hopefully. :)

    BnB: you need to see the soft side of guys, to change ur mind. so hugzz n kissess. now maybe i better run

    anoop: what if girlie dog feels jealous of any attention that girls give.
    plus i want to put giv all my attention to the rt girl, n the girlie dog would be a distration :)

  14. Anonymous7:19 AM

    wooooo hooooooooooo lol
    thanks sweetie!!!!!!!

  15. guys over dogs anytime *wink* hehehe... nice post :)

  16. I'm gonna indulge in some shameless self-promotion and repeat what I originally commented here:

    I've heard that it's because pets are better behaved, easier to train, have soft fur, do not expect "favours" in return for massages, are happy with whatever you give them to eat, and are overall less like animals than men.
    Is that about right, ladies?

  17. I think i give my vote to dogs. they can lie around all day doing nothing and make it look good!!!