Friday, October 13, 2006


Watch before reading smone's personal diary.
poor donald.
well if i were daisy, he would be facing a firing squad :)


  1. Anonymous4:48 AM

    nice works!!!
    oh is that her name? daisy? :D

  2. I think Donald is getting what was coming to him!! LOL. : )

  3. heh heh ... now i know why i always loved daisy !!!!

    Donald always gets into deep shit ;)))

    I dont think i'll ever observe karwa chauth

  4. niki chan: thank u , and yes

    anali : s, he did deserve. so morale of story. always wear a helmet, when do smthing like that

    deepa: hehehe. ms. daisy :)
    good decision, as long as u hav other means to keep healthy. hey maybe u can make ur guy observe it for u, what better way to get a long life and have fun trying it ;)
    more seriously, living together all ur life is not easy, so if u do smthing to show that "hey i love u , and more so everyday,". well karva chauth is an old way of doing it. ofcourse i will never ask smone else to do it for my long life ( i hav a longgg life anyway) or would be happy abt it. but we can't judge other. rt :)

  5. u r gifted!!!

    u should start drawing on paper..

  6. ll...u drew tht??wow!!

    my diary's so precious to me.. even though i stopped writing in it long back...

  7. anoop : not gifted. n iam lazy to boot. i hav bought the drawing paper n stuff, a month back and it is lying smwhere :)

    neha : thanks. even i am not an avid diary writer.