Friday, June 30, 2006

crazy ways

So everyone asks me , when are you getting married.
Well as soon as I can find someone who can tolerate my crazy ways.

so what is crazy about me.
Don't like to eat home food. I would prefer burger to rice anytime.
The usual comment I get is , hey you are an indian , you have been eating rice for 25 years.
Well, I have been, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
And now there is the juicy steak :-)

If you enter my house, you would remember the childhood life.
You have to hop around all the stricken clothes and papers.
I get so much junk in mail everyday.
So last week I planned to organize myself and bought a file cabinet and paper shredder.
Well now, you have to jump longer when moving around my place. The new stuff has taken up some more space. The fact is I like the place a bit messed up, not this much. But hey I live in a home not a hospital.

I am a workaholic ( I draw a new cartoon on the board in my cube everyday).
Seriously way too into what I do.

I can't stand the crowded clubs ( anyway I have a wooden leg, when in comes to dancing). I would instead go out on a sweaty hike or a cool drive with blaring music. If only I had a bike. Or maybe a long tiring tennis or volleyball or badminton session.
well I am quite happy being single.


  1. finding some one to tolerate is not a big deal,

    I say get married when u are ready to tolerate some one else crazy ways..

    word from wise
    Tension lene wale cheeze nahi, dene wale cheeze hai

  2. :) If I remember correctly...everything in your home was well within Hands reach :) If you can see it, just move yr hand to get it...If you can't see it, just move your hand a bit more and their and then you see it :) well that is what is bachelor's paradise :)

  3. jes bhai..,

    now i got what a type of girl u need..

    will look for such a one who will fit that criteria..

  4. hey pari, great thoughts. but when i know all my life that i have been a different guy, not freaky just different person, then i know it is not easy.
    tolerance, the more u love someone,the more u learn to tolerate. and slowly u change to her ways to be a part of ur lifestyle and become liking it. but u can change habit , wants, not yourself completely.
    If two people with similar core get together, but with very different likes, tastes, then they can be happy as long as they are ready to give each other enough space and be tolerant. And I know just such a very happy couple.

  5. hey hirdu maharaj,
    isse kehte hai, the science of motion economy and I am an expert ;-). maybe i should start giving consultancy services. u know this science is in great in factory floor :)

  6. poonaji, knowing u , i know where this is going.
    public declaration
    I cannot herewith be considered the reason or blamed for all the bird watching mr. poonaji does or other things, in the name of finding me a girl :))

  7. u r suspecting my honest intentions!

    but anyway.., being a sincere friend, i will have to help u find a girl.

    so be ready to tie the knot in 2006