Sunday, November 19, 2006

Essential trip accessory

Am on a 9 day road trip and I forgot the most important trip accessory.
When going with two guys on a trip, one should be prepared.
I wasn't and so am sitting wide awake late @night, having to hear 2 blowing horns in the room.

The most important trip accessory is ear plugs.
Or you too would end having to sit awake and hear snores.

I have to say its sometimes interesting, suddenly one whistle blows from one side and a train moving noise comes from the other :-)


  1. Anonymous5:46 AM

    haha just be more prepared next time


  2. snores hehehe, horrible it is.

  3. 9 day road-trip.. enjoy !

  4. i can't sleep with people snoring also... am a light sleeper... poor u :(

  5. kyra: i will :)

    BnB: :(

    anoop: yup. will post a few photos soon.

    baby angel: hmmm :(

  6. rotfl...i can sleep even with tht much noise :D

  7. Anonymous7:16 PM

    good idea

    I will need to carry two ear plugs.. one each for people on each side!!

    People say I snore very badly. Well, I have not experienced that...