Sunday, September 03, 2006

half dome

Recently I went on a day-long hike, nearly 9 miles each way.
It ends in a single rock at about 8800 feet.

The trail...

And when I reached the end. There was a huge crowd.

Seems now the hiking trails are more crowded than the shopping malls.
Welcome to the new health conscious generation.

Well the trip also made me realize how unhealthy i am now.


  1. wow!! Interesting !!! I hope you are def OK after the hike :0) .. Yosemite is one of my most fav places .. I love being there .. but my fav is El capitan .. wow!!! Half-dome is beautiful too ... :0) ..Hope you had wonderful time ..

  2. What beautiful pictures! The way the light is streaming down over the mountains, it looks like Heaven. And thanks for stopping by my blog! : )

  3. The pics look great !!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog !!

  4. hey where duz it say this Yosemite? went there a couple of months back n absolutely loved that place! awesome pics here uv got.that place is totally photogenic lols! loved rafting there was fun bcos it ws a whole big bunch of us together for the trip :)

  5. anali: the picute is taken at sunrise and the scene was truly beautiful

    pavithra : am still reading ur archived blogs. very interesting

    untamed desires : really untamed. hellowjee sona nahe hai kya. time jera dekho. and yes it is in yosemite. the first picture is taken from glaciar point in the morning. i have to do rafting there ones, maybe next summer

  6. id love to do this too!! never been hiking...

    must b amazing fun..

  7. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Interesting!!!There is something very intrusive about the pictures.Does this place in seismic zone 3??!!!

  8. neha: u shld try it. start with a small hike. chk if the route is safe, b4 u go. i remember there are some good hikes in south of india.

    anonymous : even i initially thght it was seismic activity that caused it. chk the wikipedia page abt half dome.

  9. Anonymous6:40 AM

    yeah i became a fan of ur photos.
    look really awesome!!!!
    pls keep on shooting, jeseem-chan!! ^^
    why unhealthy? lack of exercise or eating too much american foods?? u look very slim tho!

  10. niki san, thank u . u praise too much :p
    me unhealthy 'cause i am loosing weight and working out.

  11. yes i kept the name as i am :) usually on net at night cos its daytime back in Pakistan:D u MUST go rafting. IT was so much fun for all us cosins. so nice of u to drop by my blog..really busy in moving from this apartment/city n hence cant work up a concoction of wrods :D

  12. Anonymous3:54 AM

    hey nice man...
    how adventures it is..
    just enjoy yaar..
    take care

  13. Anonymous5:59 AM

    awww~ thanks jeseem-chan!!
    pls eat a lot of chinese food! ^^
    heard that is the best meal to gain weight...

  14. untamed one : now i know why some places the property price in karachi is falling ;)

    mona : u shld try it

    niki : i am happy being skinny. I can eat whatever i like. now where is that juicy big loaf of steak :)