Sunday, July 16, 2006

another goofup

I was trying to add a longtime friend and her hubby to my chat friend's list.
I seached her name and added her. Only ended up adding someone else with the same name.
Soon I got a acknowledgement allowing the addition.
But it was a nice goofup, she was nice and interesting :-)

Well then I mailed saying I am sorry,
I was looking for another person with the same name, who is a close friend
and immediately got kicked out of her friend's list. Talk abut goofups


  1. what is her id ? !!

  2. don't ask. or u will also get a beating from her.

  3. i will try another trick !

  4. hey !

    thanx for stopping by !

    btw , why did she add u ? as a rule, i never add strangers

  5. btw , i like ur style of writing

  6. poonaji, u r really bent on getting a beating :)

    deepa, i don't think everyone follows ur rule. anyway there is always a block option, to be used whenever needed. few of my friends met there better halfs through chat and r happily married

  7. Jeseem

    And how many of them used this trick of yours:)


  8. hi riyaz,
    answer is 0. Iam not into that tricking business.
    If I meet someone, I certainly won't use such pretense.
    So it was just an accidental thing.