Sunday, May 28, 2006

saying goodbye

Last week I finally said goodbye to my old company. My division grew from 8 to 90, in the 2.5 years that I worked there. I had my good moments there and the at end, a lot of bad ones.
But when I said goodbye, it was like a part of me is lost, forever. So many friends, so many good moments.
Lot of people have told me, never to get too involved with your company, but I cannot agree. It is a place where you spend 8 hrs a day of your life, where u give commitment and which is a part of you. I am happy to have worked there as long as I could.

So I sent a farewell mail to lot of colleugues and got back just 2 replies. It was sad.
So I made a point to always reply to anyone's farewell mail. Always.

Well all done and gone. Now it is to new co. and new challenges.


  1. yeah its sad when u have to leave the ppl behind u have spent so much time with....and worse when they forget u as if u never existed...tcc

  2. hi ..plzz take a look at my new post urgently..n help to save some one..

  3. You never sent a good bye mail to me :)...aha ...I remember ...we are still in touch....gud bye mail to unko bheja hoga jinse touch khatam honey wala hai ...kher koi baat nahin's like win lose some...

    waise by the way when was the last time you winked to a girl ;)

  4. Agreed. Fairwell messages are written in tears with those special tender corners of heart. While Goodbye is a heavy word to be spoken, life will be heavier if we part without that word. Say a kind goodbye when someone part.

    Remember leaving a place, just packing bags in the evening and no one looking at you. That could be a real dreadful moment noone dares to think of.