Monday, May 15, 2006

enjoying vacation

So I left my job and am enjoying a 2 week vacation. vacation me, a workaholic. 2 years back who would have thought that I would ever be vacationing like this.
When i left my first company after 5.5 years, I had 120 days of accumulated leaves ( leaves beyond that elapsed, since they couldn't be accumulated).
And now ...
But the break is so relaxing.

Am enjoying my life and reading all the novels, one novel a day.
Have completed all works of ken follet and on last book of john grisham.

After tomorrow, it is all trips :)

life is kewl ( if ofcourse you want it to be that way ;-)


  1. jeseem ..
    u really do deserve a longg relaxing break!!! come home after u get back ,ok!! happy n safe trip .. say hi to all "philly" ians...n dnt forget to try the "Philly Cheese steak " ;0) ..
    take care ..

  2. Ken Follet reminds me of a funny story in school. I was once caught reading his infamous 'eye of the needle'. My teacher adviced me thusly: "It is okay to read this, so long as you read good books also" :))

  3. hey thanks fr the blogroll !!
    njoy ur break ;-)