Saturday, April 29, 2006

spammed by recruiters

I am spammed by so many recruiters even an year after I have pulled my resume from all job sites. I replied to many saying I am not looking out for job, but still I get mails from them. So here's a cool way to get back.

Create a cool resume, with ever good technical skill you can think off. Write the name as that of recruiter who is troubling you most. Put his mail id and phone number in resume and post it in job site. Hmm, recruiters calling each each and trying to recruit each other. funny :-)

I do feel that recruiters in India have a tough time, with such a big job boom ( unfortunately not so in US :( , but spamming people with tons of mails is not a solution.
I wonder also why job sites don't allow you to delete login accounts. Its not like you will be looking for job forever.