Sunday, February 27, 2005

How lonely can a person be.
You stand in a crowd, you are talking , shouting , enjoying , but still you are lonely.

I have my great bunch of friends, who have alway been there , with whom I spend one of my best times. But still.

Somewhere , you feel this is not you are meant to do, the dreams that defined you,
that which drives you. When you find that you are moving away from it, when you find that there are somethings about yourself, that you are not able to express, somewhere you feel that you are lonely.

Is it a good thing, I mean is this loneliness good. There are few pluses. It defines your individuality. Your uniqueness in the whole world. Your thoughts, your dreams, your emotions, somethings about you, that in total differentiate yourself from all the rest of people in the world. And I do have a friends circle, that accepts that. Accepts me for what Iam. A contradiction :)
But then I guess everyone is.

Also I tend to think best, when I am alone.

And in all that loneliness, you sit around for a few minutes or maybe few hours,
but finally you come out of it stronger, happier , more determined, more focussed, more aware of who you are and ever more ready to find your purpose in life.

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  1. "ain't nothin but a heartache..
    ain't nothin but a mistake.. "

    be Happyy :0).